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Get The Funk Out! The CastAscendancy Podcast

SummaryThis episode is dedicated to and inspired by everyone that's ever been stuck in a funk, drowning, and unsure of how to get out. Whether it's from an injury, a loss, or anything devastating. Just know you're not alone and don't be afraid to reach out!Shout out to VIP Traders Inc. as always, also 3 Wheel Bicycle for always showing love!Resources:CastAscendancyVip Traders Inc.The Shock Market Podcast3 Wheel BicycleAmber's TikTokSupport & Donations:DonateMonthly SubscriptionThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn –
  1. Get The Funk Out!
  2. When Anxiety Attacks
  3. The Worst Pet Peeves In The History Of Ever!
  4. Common Ain’t So Common


The Land Of The Submissive…

I wrote this nearly a year ago. Today is 4/27/2021 Do you ever just look back at the last year or so and scratch your head? Like, how in the f*k did they convince the world to social distance, mask up, have no funerals, forcibly homeschool (while still taxing us for public education), stay in our homes, forfeit incomes and personal businesses, snitch on our…

4 Reasons People Will Take You Serious If You’re In Shape!

DisciplineBeing in shape is not easy and it doesn’t happen over night. You’re making a statement just by being fit alone, and that statement is that you are not lazy and that you have self-discipline. You can’t not respect someone with discipline!ConfidenceBeing healthy and in shape helps reduce insecurities and self-respect. It Builds confidence that improves how you carry yourself, how you interact with others…

Stop Holding Back!

Stop holding back just because those around you have settled and are void of expectation. Stop holding back because you think you’ll be ridiculed for believing you can do better. Stop holding back. You KNOW you can do better. You KNOW your worth, so why aren’t you moving forward? STOP HOLDING BACK because you think you have more time. You aren’t getting any younger. You…

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Art & Amber Castillo

We’re Art & Amber Castillo. Married-Parents-Fitness Trainers & Podcasters. Walking on eggshells, sugar coating, and beating around the bush is not our style. We push the envelope, challenge beliefs, and shift perceptions, ALL while making you laugh so hard you’ll forget about your shitty day. Giving you our opinions and personal experiences on Relatable & Debatable topics where you can count on being motivated, educated , insulted, and thankful that you spent at least an hour of your day wisely. You’re welcome. New episodes drop Tuesday mornings at 6am PST! (Sometimes It’s Wednesday)

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1 Comment

  1. Dauphin says:

    Great concept. You’ve come a long way. I 100% believe that if you are ambitious and have the drive yall can make this a thing. At first the hustle is always harder but once you are established, it becomes easier. Write your schedule down weekly. Put on an alarm. Keep the “seasons” the same amount of episodes so if you think you want to go 50 episodes in a season and take a break then you have a goal. Finding shit to talk about is easy. Your interaction with each other is great so the rest is trivial. Just do the damn thang!


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